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Be Still

When we moved to the area, our first apartment was about a mile from the bus station downtown. Since we had only one car that Janice drove to work, I walked to and from the station for work in Boston. One evening about dusk, I looked behind me on the walk home to find three young men trailing about a block behind in what I thought was threatening. My heart was filled with fear, and I spent the walk home in terror. Thank God, I got home without incident, shaken but unscathed.

Before today’s scripture, Pharaoh had finally given in and agreed to let Israel go. Once again, his heart had become hardened, and he pursued them with an army in chariots. Can you imagine the terror in Israel's hearts when looking over their shoulders, they see a giant dust cloud and hear the wheels’ rumbling as their pursuers grow closer? They must have thought, okay, this is it, this is the end! Before they had been slaves, now they would surely die or worse. Moses’ response was probably not what the expected, "The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” Amid their terror was a promise, "Don't worry, God's got your back!"

This same promise is still true. God cares for us and does not want harm to come to us. But in this guarantee, we are asked to remain still, placing our faith in God’s hands. It is not likely to be in the form of the Red Sea parting and having our enemies washed away, but when that deliverance comes, it will be no less miraculous to us.

Father God, our defender, and ever-present help, we give you thanks for your deliverance. Through your Son, you have given us salvation from sin and death. In your Holy Spirit, you provide comfort and peace in our everyday struggles. Please help us to place all of our faith and trust in you. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.


Pastor Tim

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