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Carrying Burdens

Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. Galatians 6:2 NIV

We have started our annual spring cleaning. We don’t store stuff in the attic, but between the laundry room, garage, and shed, there are a lot of accumulated items to sort through: nearly empty paint cans, a half piece of sheetrock, etc. Some things are pretty easy to move, but others are cumbersome and bulky–two-person jobs; the items simply cannot be managed by one person alone.

In our lives, we are sometimes guilty of trying to do what is a two- (or more) person job by ourselves. What we instinctively know we can’t do physically, we delude ourselves into thinking we can manage independently. We may think it is shameful to ask for help. Though self-sufficiency may be our “go-to” mode, it is healthy to ask for assistance. 

Knowing our innate hesitancy as humans, we, as Christians, must be aware of this weakness. When we notice a sister or brother struggling, we are to help shoulder the burden—to be there to listen, hold hands, hug, cry, and pray. 

In this passage, the apostle Paul also suggests how we can support and share each other's burdens. 

When someone stumbles or falls into sin, our role is not to condemn but to restore gently. We should approach them with compassion, understanding, and a desire to help them find their way back to righteousness. But as we do this, be sure you don’t get caught in sin yourself. (v. 1-2)

Sometimes, we may think too highly of ourselves or believe we are beyond struggles. However, self-deception can hinder our ability to empathize with others. When we accept Christ, we don’t receive a cape with a large “S” for “Super Human,” no, we are just humans saved by grace, and the struggles continue. Instead, we are to humble ourselves, recognize our weaknesses, and, in this place of empathy, extend grace to those around us. (v. 3)

Paul also warns us to evaluate our actions and motivations. There should not be ulterior motives behind our shouldering the burdens of others. In testing our actions, we can avoid hypocrisy and be genuine in our assistance. (v. 4)

In verse 5, Paul says, “For each one should carry their own load.” At first, this may sound contradictory to everything said thus far. But part of carrying our load is knowing when to share our burdens and when to accept the burdens of others. We must be compassionate restorers and willing burden-bearers while taking precautions for self-care.

Heavenly Father, We come before You with hearts full of gratitude and humility. Your Word reminds us of our responsibility to one another as members of Your family. We seek Your guidance and strength as we live out these principles. Help us approach those who have stumbled with gentleness and compassion. May we be instruments of healing and restoration, pointing them back to Your grace. We recognize that life can be heavy at times. Grant us the willingness to bear one another’s burdens. May we extend our hands to lift those struggling, share their load, and show them Your love. Reveal our weaknesses and blind spots. Guard us against self-deception and pride. May we humbly evaluate our actions and seek to align them with Your will. Teach us to share good things. Whether it’s material blessings, wisdom, or encouragement, may we freely give to others, knowing that You are the ultimate source. Bind us together as a community of believers. May we walk alongside one another, supporting, encouraging, and praying for each other. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.


Pastor Tim

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