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Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground. Psalms 143:10 NIV

If you've gone to a classical music concert, you'll notice a musician–the concertmaster–tuning the orchestra before the conductor takes the stage; each section in turn–woodwinds, brass, and strings, harmonizing on the A note. While this is the only activity the audience sees the concertmaster or concertmistress lead, they are the continual interface between the conductor and the orchestra on and off stage.

The Holy Spirit is to us, the orchestra, our concertmaster. Environmental conditions, the amount of use (non-use), warping, and damage to our instruments, facilitate the need for tuning. As we listen to the perfectly pitched note and the sound of our instruments, we hear how we need to adjust to agree with the Holy Spirit.

When we are in tune with the concertmaster, our music–our missions and ministries–becomes harmonious. Not just ours, but the whole orchestra–the Church–into symphonic music. Because of the timeless work of the concertmaster, we are prepared for the conductor to lead us.

Of course, being in tune alone does not itself make music. That requires practice–recognizing our strengths and limitations as instruments and working to improve. It also means following the conductor's directions (God), playing the proper notes, and using the correct technique at the right time. Then, again, the concertmistress, who intimately knows the music, can assist.

Father, thank you for being our conductor. By your Son, you have invited us into your orchestra and given us the Holy Spirit as our concertmaster by that same grace. Please help us to do your will–teach and guide us to bring your beautiful harmonious music into the world. In Christ Jesus, we pray. Amen.


Pastor Tim

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