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God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.

Psalms 46:1 NIV

A few years ago, I helped a neighbor when he suddenly felt hip pain, making the slightest movement. After getting him seated as comfortably as possible, I called 9-1-1. The dispatcher asked a few pertinent questions; shortly, an ambulance was there, and a few minutes later, he was on the way to the hospital, from my call to arrival at the hospital about 30 minutes.

In today's verse, we are assured God is our ever-present help. There is no delay, no waiting; it’s a brief call. With God, we don't need to answer dispatcher questions; he already knows our emergency. Sometimes, we can't even explain to God what's wrong; we only know we need help. It doesn't matter because God is the great diagnostician and answerer of prayer. He responds in ways we may not comprehend, but we have faith in his action.

God, we thank you that you are ever-present. We thank you for being our refuge and strength in times of trouble. We only need to call on you. God, we call on you today because we need healing, healing in our bodies, minds, and spirits. We need healing from isolation, oppression, injustice, riots, and all forms of evil. Help us this day that all we do be for Your glory. Amen.


Pastor Tim

Whatever you need right now, at this moment, call on God. He is with you and will give you the help you need.

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