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LifeWise Academy in Brockton!

Decades ago, we systematically removed religious education from the public school day.  I’ve been learning about a ministry called LifeWise Academy that is bringing it back.  
They leverage a little-known strategy called released time religious instruction which is very legal (Supreme Court) and very impactful.  LifeWise has multiple elementary programs where over 90% of an entire elementary school is enrolled and learning from the Bible for 45 minutes each week!
This strategy has been at our fingertips for over 70 years; yet, almost nobody knows about it. In 2018, LifeWise set out to change that by providing communities with a plug-and-play program.  By the Grace of God, they have grown to serve over 30,000 students in 300+ schools across 12 states.  Yet, they are only scratching the surface because less than 1% of students nationally have this opportunity.  Would you add your name to the list of supporters?  There is also a great 3-minute video on their website.

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