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Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. Matthew 5:5 NIV

Sometimes, words in the Bible don't seem to fit; the word meek is one of those. In the modern context, we think of people who are meek as more likely to be run over on the road of life rather than inheriting the earth. But that's not what is meant in the Bible. To be meek is to be humble, gentle, and compassionate. The meek person can be at the same time strong and submissive.

The opposite of meek are the things of the world–aggression and an inflated sense of self-importance and selfishness. The corporal message is to put oneself before others—regardless of the consequences. "It's about me."

But in the heavenly kingdom, the meek are those who submit themselves to God's authority and place others before themselves. We see this example of the gentleness of spirit in Jesus. He was submissive to the perfect will of the Father. While he boldly preached the gospel, he exhibited unlimited patience and compassion on a personal level.

In rejecting the worldly notion of self, we also reject its idea of success. Our concept of what our inheritance of the earth means changes. Our focus shifts from accumulating prestige and riches to the importance of relationships–with God and all others. In making ourselves meek, God opens our eyes from what the world is to what it can–and is supposed–to be.

God, we confess we are not always the meek people we should be. The world's notions of success sway us. Forgive us, we pray. Help us to seek your perfect will and stay submissive. May we remain steadfast in the boldness of your word yet demonstrate the compassion of Jesus. Amen.


Pastor Tim

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