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Private Spaces

He heals the brokenhearted, and binds up their wounds. Psalms 147:3 NRSV

It's a fact of life that not everything goes well all the time. By outward appearances, it may seem that others have a perfect life where nothing ever goes wrong. But we know that's all that it is, an appearance. It's like looking on social media and seeing all the joyful posts. The pictures and stories tempt us to believe that is their life and how ours should be. However, we don't see the hidden pain, those pictures and stories too painful and private to share, the broken relationships, illnesses, and career struggles.

We can appreciate the things hidden because we've all been there. There are things we just can't share, those personal struggles we feel no one else can understand. But, Jesus understands the hurt and the brokenness because, at times, Christ, too, felt the same way. In those times of anguish, he turned to his heavenly Father. So likewise, in these private spaces of our hearts, we meet Jesus; in our sharing, he heals our brokenness and binds our wounds.

Wherever we are in our season of life today, whether it's one of the joyful highs or struggles, give God praise. Thank him for those good times, and drink in his abundant grace. So also, when we are struggling, when Satan is hurling his fiery darts, when we are dealing with our brokenheartedness and bleeding wounds, give thanks because Jesus is with us, ministering to our needs.

God, of the mountain top and the valley, we thank you for who you are. Without fail, you extend your compassion and love to us in the highs and the lows. Help us share these times of joy and deliverance with others so that they may come to know you. May our message always be of your glory and grace. Amen.


Pastor Tim

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