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For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened. Matthew 7:8 NLT

Promises are funny things. We desperately want to believe that when someone says they'll do something, they will follow through, and when we make promises, we do so earnestly. We honestly intend to do what we say, but things happen–whatever they might be–that keep us from fulfilling our pledge.

That's the human side of promises. We make them but only sometimes follow through. God is truth–he doesn't say anything he doesn't mean; by his very definition, he cannot lie. When we pray, we do so with the assurance our prayers will be answered.

In today's verse, Jesus makes three different promises:

  • If we ask, we will receive

  • If we seek, we will find

  • If we knock, the door will be open

The commonality to these things begins with us. It is not a static activity; the promise is made based on our actions–asking, seeking, and knocking. Do we desire healing? Ask! Do we have questions of faith? Seek! Are there closed doors keeping us from ministry? Knock! God wants us to approach him. He wants to fulfill that promise, but he wants us to want it, and the way we show this is in prayer.

Father God, thank you for fulfilling your promise to humankind by sending Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. You stand ready to answer our prayers when we ask, seek, and knock. We confess we have been hesitant in approaching you. We have experienced disappointment and hurt from others, but help us to remember you are not like others; you fulfill your promises. We come now, humbly before you asking, seeking, and knocking. We trust in you to answer from your love and goodness. Grant us ears to listen, hearts to wait patiently, and willingness to be obedient. Amen.


Pastor Tim

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