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Whoever pursues righteousness and kindness will find life and honor. Proverbs 21:21 NRSV

Recently, Janice and I started a decluttering task. Like everyone, we had accumulated a lot of things over time, photos, papers, playbills, movie ticket stubs, souvenirs, etc. While looking through these things, we discovered some things we didn't know where they'd come from and why we held onto them. But there were also some precious items in those drawers and boxes, items we knew we had someplace but would have been hard-pressed to find. Had we gone searching, it's likely we would still be looking.

Searching is like that. Sometimes we quickly locate what we're looking for, but other times, we may look in the wrong places. Or, we can't find them because they're buried, among other things. Yet, most likely, in our rush, we overlook them entirely.

Today's verse tells us when we seek to do what is right and demonstrate care for others, as a result, we will receive a life richly blessed by God. However, the temptation is for us to get that backward. We rush past those essential steps in our haste, hoping to go immediately to a fulfilling and meaningful life.

But our search needs to be purposeful and ordered. For example, if we search for a particular photo, though slower, we must remove items from the box one at a time, scrutinize them, and set them aside until the picture is found. So likewise, in pursuing a life of godliness, we must methodically and purposely take out the items of righteousness and kindness and study and exercise them. In doing so, we will find that which we ultimately seek.

Gracious God, by your grace, you have promised us a good life filled with purpose and meaning if we uphold your commandments to live righteously and love. We confess while we desire the life you've promised, in our haste, we sometimes fail to do what is necessary. Forgive us: we pray. Help us to slow down and live intentionally, doing what is right and loving as you love. In Christ Jesus, our Savior, we pray. Amen.


Pastor Tim

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