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Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord himself, is the Rock eternal. - Isaiah 26:4 NIV

Trust may come hard for some of us. We may be hesitant to place our confidence in others because of unpleasant past disappointments. The hurt and heartbreak that followed left us unwilling to accept the risk of being hurt again. If we never trust, we may avoid hurt, but we also miss out on the joy of that special bond with others.

As Christians, we try our best to be trustworthy, but we are imperfect and make mistakes. When this happens, we ask forgiveness from God and the hurt person and seek to rebuild that trust. We can, however, always have complete confidence in the Lord. He is the Rock, solid and unmovable -- the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. So, while we may not understand God’s will, it is in faith that we trust. This trust is built on the promise in scripture, the Holy Spirit within, and our past experiences.

Lord, ruler of our lives, we give you thanks that we can always rely on you. People may break our trust, but you never will. When we are disappointed by others, please help us to forgive and mend those relationships, and help us as we strive to be trustworthy friends and partners. May we look to the example of your Son, Jesus Christ, who placed his total reliance on you. Amen.


Pastor Tim

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