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"God abides in those who confess that Jesus is the Son of God, and they abide in God." 1 John 4:15 NRSV

The word “confess” immediately provokes up different images, sometimes not always positive. For me, I think of a scene from a TV show where a criminal is in the interrogation room admitting his or her misdeeds to detectives. A different scene occurs inside a church; the camera focuses on a confessional where a person acknowledges their sins to a priest. It is someone owning up to things they shouldn't have done, seeking mercy or absolution in both cases.

There is another kind of confession that leads to freedom. It begins with recognizing that Jesus Christ is God's son and accepting that he is our Savior. In that acceptance, our sins and misdeeds are forgiven. Anything we have done, or will do, has been paid for by Christ's atoning sacrifice. All that extra baggage, the burdon from the weight of our sins we've been carting around, is gone. When God comes to dwell in us, we try desperately to keep our hearts pure. We want God to live in a clean house. We strive not to sin, but sadly we do mess up. The good news is God abides with us still, even though we are sinners. He doesn't keep bags packed, waiting on the doorstep for the third strike.

Precious, loving, compassionate, boundlessly forgiving God, we give you thanks for the salvation found in your Son. We acknowledge that he came for us. In his self-sacrifice, he died for us that we might have life. He sent to us the Holy Spirit that we may have an ever-present guide. We are thankful for the freedom that comes in our confession. Please help us to be receptive to the Holy Spirit as we go about our day. May the things we say and the actions we take glorify you.


Pastor Tim

What have you been holding onto that you need to release to God? What do you want to say to Him today?

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