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No matter how many times we hear the creation story, it's easy for us to rush into humankind's role. God created all things--notice that word "all"--from the same material. Perhaps we should note that humankind was his final creation before he rested. (I wonder if we were really exhausting to create?) God gave us an important and special task; he granted us stewardship over this beautiful creation. Before we allow our egos to become too inflated, let us pause and reflect on how well we've done with that responsibility.

My point here is the world and “everything” in it was created by God. Of course, we know this, but all too frequently, we assume the earth was formed solely as our playground to use and abuse at our leisure. We mound up landfills in other countries and dump waste in the oceans with little consideration. We discard our face masks and lottery tickets in parking lots and discard empty cans, bottles, and cups out of our car windows. Creating an ugly blight on the beautiful creation of which we are guardians.

Part of God's plan was for us to be fruitful and multiply--which we've done. However, somewhere in that process, we have lost the recognition we are one people created by God--yes, with differences but of the same building blocks. We have replaced God's plan of peace with our program of division. We have created deadly atomic and biological weapons to destroy each other.

Our hope, our redemption, is in God. He is more than our Creator; he is also our Savior. When we remember that "every perfect gift is from above" (James 1:17) and live what we know is true, amazing things are guaranteed to happen. This radical paradigm shift will shake the world to its foundations. We will not only treat the earth differently, but our eyes opened to the realization that "all" our brothers and sisters.

Lord, we give you thanks for this world you've created and everything that is in it. We acknowledge this all belongs to you. We confess as stewards, we have been irresponsible. We have marred and abused your creation, and we have failed to love each other. Father, please forgive us and help us as we strive to right our wrongs. In the name of your Son, our Savior Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.


Pastor Tim

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