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“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden." Matthew 5:14 ESV

Lighthouses have always held a fascination for me. There is something both functional and romantic about these structures. They represent strength, purpose, and beauty against the chaos of nature. While not set on a hill, like a city in today's verse, they had to be elevated high enough to withstand the rising seas. Their lights for centuries served as major navigational aids and warning systems guiding seafarers safely home.

Among the chaos and uncertainty of today, the church needs to serve as the lighthouse in our communities. The good news of Jesus Christ is the beacon of light to guide seekers to safety, peace, and comfort. As Christians, it is our job to maintain the light of Christ. That means feeding those that are hungry, clothing the naked, caring for the prisoner, and standing against injustice. The world is looking for a beacon, they are looking to someone they can trust. In the absence of light, the lost will turn to those with the loudest voices. What they are saying doesn't have to even make sense, they only need to voice boisterously with an air of authority. Being a keeper of the lighthouse is hard work; we need to maintain our spiritual fitness and have the strength to stand against the challenges that are tossed our way. We need to have a willingness to climb those stairs every day and keep the light burning. God is the light the world is looking for and we need to keep it burning bright.

Father God, thank you for your light in times of chaos. When the storms rage and the seas toss you provide safety and comfort. Help us each day to share your promise with others and let us be a beacon to others. Grant us the spiritual strength to stand for justice. Amen.

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