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Personal Invitation

For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened. - Matthew 7:8 NIV

Today's verse comes from The Sermon on the Mount. On that day, the multitude heard Jesus speak of many things: instructions on how to live; cautions of what to watch out for; and the fulfillment of the law. Then, after hours of sharing, it says, "When Jesus had finished saying these things, the crowds were amazed at his teaching."

One of the things that must have amazed them was this personal invitation from Jesus. Those gathered were from all walks of life. Some were super religious, others not, but all felt compelled that day to hear the teachings of this extraordinary man. While speaking to the group, the message was deeply personal, and the promise Jesus made to each was the same -- an open invitation to all. If you require something from God, ask, and he will answer. Struggling to find the answers to those big questions; What does it all mean? What is my purpose? Seek God, and you will find him. Do you desire to have God take residence in your heart? Open the door; he has been waiting for you all along. This was not the cold, impersonal message of the law but an appeal offered by a man, flesh and blood like them, but the Son of God. The invitation? God desires to be part of your life!

That tremendous promise offered on that day is still extended to us today. In a bent and broken world, it is a message of hope and love that we must share. Folks need to know there is a lifeline, and that lifeline is a personal experience with Jesus Christ.

God, we give thanks for your invitation and promise. We stand in amazement at your grace. Please give us the words, as we share this invitation with others. That what we say may touch their souls. Help them realize they need to seek no longer; what they have been searching for is here. We pray they open the doors of their hearts to you. We ask this in Jesus' name.


Pastor Tim

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