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Right Paths

He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake. Psalms 23:3 NIV

You've heard me talk before of Easton’s Natural Resource Trust property. It's an excellent place for casual hiking and walking our dogs. With 154 acres, it is big enough to offer several trails taking you on varied terrain. It's also small enough you don't get lost -- usually. Last year, I decided to try a new route without a map and no clear trail markers. After about 45 minutes, I discovered I had taken a wrong turn somewhere, losing my orientation and ending up in the backyard of a North Easton neighborhood, the opposite direction from the parking lot. I had taken the wrong path.

Without God as our guide, we are prone to take the wrong path, sending ourselves in unfamiliar territory with no clear way to get back. However, he stands ready to come to our aid. His path is not only the proper direction, away from the predicament we are in, but it is righteous, leading us in the way that is pure and holy. He does this for his name's sake; it is from his love. He doesn't want us to continue to live in the situations are meanderings have taken us, but in his grace stands ready to guide us back onto the right path.

Note the scripture uses the plural "right paths." We come from different places. Some of us may have taken a more circuitous route. But, whatever path we've taken the right way always has the same destination toward Christ.

God, we thank you for your right paths. The journey for each of us is different in some ways, but it is by your grace that you guide us toward the proper destination. We confess that we sometimes strike out on our own, ignoring your direction, and find ourselves in trouble. Please forgive us our arrogance and stubbornness and redirect us ponce again back in the way we should go. Amen.


Pastor Tim

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