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Showing Up

Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him. James 1:12 NIV

The comedian, director, and writer Woody Allen, once said, "Showing up is 80 percent of life." While there is some truth in this, it minimizes the effort it takes just to show up sometimes. In those times, we are tempted to give up.

Jesus understands temptation and what it takes for us to persevere. During this time of Lent, we recall the trials of his ministry from baptism to crucifixion. In conquering death, Christ promised eternal life for all who love him. He also sent the Holy Spirit to help us bear up when enticed to give up.

God desires more for us than just "showing up" for life; he invites us to live fully in him. Yes, we have the promise of life eternal for those who love him, but there is much for us to do now. We are working to bring his kingdom here on earth now. Many do not yet know of God's love and hope, and as believers, it is our responsibility to share the good news. Many sick to heal, hungry to feed, homeless to house, and wars to end -- all waiting for us to do more than just show up.

Loving and gracious Father, we thank you for Son Jesus Christ and his sacrifice to atone for our sin. We give thanks for his example of how to persevere. Thank you for the Holy Spirit, which gives us the strength and courage to press on when tempted to give up. Bless us this day as we go into the world and share your promise of hope with others. We pray this in Jesus' name. Amen.


Pastor Tim

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