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The Commute

Is anyone among you in trouble? Let them pray. Is anyone happy? Let them sing songs of praise. James 5:13 NIV

It has been a pretty miserable commute home. Leaving Billerica, the rain had started gently at first, then became a downpour. The kind of rain that limits visibility to practically nil. The wise folks pulled off onto the shoulder and waited for the storm to pass; the foolish ones, me included, slowed to a crawl, windshield wipers slapping at full speed and AC blowing, attempting to maintain visibility. Nerves shot, I took the exit at Westwood, opting for secondary roads home. Then, way off in the distance, I could see the tiniest patch of sun and clear blue. A few minutes later, the rain suddenly stops, the sun appears brightly, and a beautiful double rainbow is overhead.

It caused me to reflect on how easy it is to experience God in life's easy commutes. Those days when the sun is shining, windows down, gospel music turned up (we're singing along, of course), and traffic is flowing without delays. We feel God in all of it, the sun, air, music, and speed. But there are those stormy days when none of that is happening; our life commute is terrible. We may even become so distracted we forget that God is still there. But, when we take a heartbeat to reflect, we realize the problem is not with God but with our ability to recognize God in that time and place.

In today's verse, we are encouraged to recognize God in all our commutes. When we hit that rough commute in our lives, pray. Don't hesitate to go to God with our supplications. He wants us to turn to him in times of trouble and anxiously desires to help. On those bright and sunny days, sing and give praise. Sometimes when everything is going well, we may feel God's goodness but are remiss to say thank you. In all situations, we must acknowledge God for who he is in our lives.

Loving God, we thank you for being with us in every situation. But, we confess, in our distractions, we forget your greatness, that you fill all time and space. You know the joys and sorrows of each of us in intimate detail. Yet you desire a personal conversation with us, to have an open and honest dialogue. You want us to ask for help in times of need and to give thanks when things are well. Grant us the wisdom to seek this closeness. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.


Pastor Tim

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