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The Divine Mirror

I often find that when I'm reading the Bible, I'm directed to the message I need right then. Sometimes it is words of encouragement and reminders of God's love and at other times direction. Depending on the day, the same scripture may carry different messages based on what I need. It is like looking into a mirror and seeing a reflection of myself.

We often fail to remember that the written word of God has not always been with us. Before the written word, God's word was passed orally down through generations. Over time, the writings of wisdom and prophecy were added. These writings, the basis of the Hebrew Bible and our Old Testament, were the basis of Christ's teachings. Years later, the gospels captured Christ's life, ministry, death, resurrection, and ascension. Along with stories of the church’s formation, letters, and more prophesy, we have our Christian Bible. God’s divine word given to man.

All of the Bible, every verse of every book in the sacred text is God's message given to us for every time and place -- it is timeless. The stories of His everlasting and enduring love from the beginning of time are recorded in the pages. Any situation we may encounter someone has experienced before and can be found. In the Bible, we can read the message of God's deliverance. Whatever we need from God today is waiting for us within the pages of His sacred word.

Precious Father, we give you thanks for the gift of your Word. You have given us words of encouragement and instruction within the pages of the sacred text. Please open our hearts as we read the Bible and listen to your message to us. Help us see ourselves in the mirror of scripture, and respond to your word. We ask this in your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.


Pastor Tim

What message do you seek in the Bible today?

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