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The Same Mind

But (Christ Jesus) emptied himself, taking the form of a slave, being born in human likeness. And being found in human form, he humbled himself and became obedient to the point of death— even death on a cross. Philippians 2:7‭-‬8 NRSV

In this letter to the church in Philippi, Paul encourages us to be of the same mind as Christ. What does this even mean? How can this happen?

While God, Jesus lowered himself to become fully human. Not just any human but a servant. He could have chosen to come as God or as an earthly King; instead, he was born into humble surroundings. He experienced love, joy, sadness, anger, hunger, temptation, everything we experience today. At the same time, he was without sin, pure and divine. The servant always, he humbled himself again, being obedient to the Father, to die for our sin; the sinless, pure Lamb of God, offered in atonement for the sinful.

While we cannot do what Christ did, we can emulate his actions. We can adopt his righteous characteristics; humility, servitude, obedience, and most of all, love. To become like Christ, we must first think like Christ. We need to know Christ. As aids, we have God's divinely inspired written word and the Holy Spirit as we seek the mind of Christ.

God, thank you for Jesus Christ. Please help us to be of his mind, seeking to be your humble and obedient servants. Let us not serve in half-measures, but give to you ultimately. We ask your blessings on everything that we do so that others may see your light in us. Amen.


Pastor Tim

What can I do today to become more like the mind of Christ? How can I empty myself and become more obedient?

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