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Weary and Faint

"I will satisfy the weary, and all who are faint I will replenish." Jeremiah 31:25 NRSV

We started with excitement for a solid three days of hiking and camping. All three of us carried about 35 pounds of supplies in each of our backpacks. The hiking the first day was good; we made camp, and other than being a little tired, everything was okay. Then out of nowhere, it started raining -- hard. In the middle of the night, we woke to a small stream running down the middle of the tent, soaking our sleeping bags. The second day was humid, and our packs and sleeping bags were about 10 pounds heavier from the rain. We were thrilled to see up camp at the end of the day; feet sore and muscles achy. On day three, we came out on the road about two miles from the car. We were never so happy to spot that little powder blue VW Beetle. Sitting down in the car, boots, and socks off, we all felt physically weary and faint. It had been a long fifty-mile trek over three days.

We all experience many types of weariness; physical, emotional, and spiritual. God makes no distinction between the types of exhaustion; whatever it is, he is there to give us the aid we need—giving us rest when we are weary and restoring our energy for the journey. Whatever we are experiencing today, whether it is a hike in the woods, worry about a sick friend, or a moment of spiritual doubt, God is here to help.

Gracious and loving God, thank you for caring for us. Thank you for the renewal of our bodies, minds, and souls. We pray for others who are faint and weary that they turn to you for restoration. Amen.


Pastor Tim

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