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What Was I Thinking?

Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is kept safe. Proverbs 29:25 NIV

We have a basic human need to be liked, and what others think of us matters to us. Desiring to fill that need, we sometimes let their opinions affect our judgment. If you can't recall a recent time, delve back into your teens and early twenties, and I'm sure we will think of a few examples of when peer pressure resulted in poor decisions.

Today's verse reminds us we should care less about what others think and more about what God thinks. Thinking back on those times when we let others sway us into making bad decisions, if we had spent even half a second considering God's opinion, we would have saved ourselves a boatload of grief. We could have spared ourselves the dope slap and answering the obvious, "What was I thinking?"

I'm.not saying it's wrong to be liked, and we shouldn't have friends. That sounds like a pretty dull existence. However, if we put people's opinions above God's, we will have problems.

God, thank you for keeping us safe. We confess we've been guilty of letting what others think affect our judgment and lead us into wrong paths, and we have disregarded your opinion. Forgive us and help us remember you are the one we should trust. The views of others are but a moment, but yours is for eternity. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.


Pastor Tim

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