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Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done. Psalms 105:1 NIV

In the church where I grew up, part of each service was dedicated to testimony. People would stand up and say how God had worked in their lives. Sometimes, they would share their call story to Christ, but more commonly, they would share accounts of healing and other ways they had felt God's presence. It was a time for them to praise and proclaim, to tell others how God was active in their lives.

We all have such stories. Because we serve a living and loving God who continues to save, heal, and work miracles. We have experienced his grace, yet are we hesitant to proclaim and praise his name? We may, hopefully, give God thanks in our prayers, but our personal experiences carry power. When spoken aloud, they are a reminder to other followers and a testimony to those who have yet to accept Christ.

How quickly do we identify ourselves to others as Christians without explaining what that wonderful, life-changing conversion experience means to us? It's more than taking on the label of Christian; it's becoming Christ and sharing the good news. To quote Kyle Idleman in his book "Not A Fan," it's about becoming followers, not just fans. It's the true story about how God came to earth, accepted our sins on the cross, died, rose again, and continues to walk with us by the Holy Spirit. How his love constantly surrounds us, and how he answers prayer. Our personal accounts carry far more weight than any words spoken by any preacher, no matter how gifted they are.

These stories identify who we, as followers of Jesus, are, not the title often misused for political agendas. We want to be known as followers of Christ to other nations by proclaiming what God has done and continues to do. Our combined public voice should reflect our salvation experience; that inward change God has worked must be reflected outward.

God, thank you! Thank you for coming to save us, thank you for healing, thank you for miracles. Give us the courage to proclaim your mighty name, sharing all that you have done for us with others. Guide us to be known not as Christians but as followers of Christ to the nations. Amen.


Pastor Tim

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