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Friends and Family

Who remembers the old days of telephones? The telephone companies would have a local plan and a long-distance plan. One of the options for long-distance was a “friends and family” plan. It was all of those people whom you were most likely to call, those with whom you had a special connection.

As we all have experienced, our friends and family help us through the most challenging times. This year is a perfect example. Our families often extend beyond our family of origin to include those whom we think of as family. Our church family is one example. It is those whom you can call on at any time, listen when we need a sympathetic ear, holding us when our world is falling apart, praying for us, and loving us unconditionally. Our friends and family are indeed gifts from God.

In the Trinity, we also have family and friends. God is our Father. As joint-heirs, with Christ, we are by adoption, his brothers and sisters. The Holy Spirit is the closest friend we can ever have, an ever-present comforter, confidante, and helper. In those times when our earthly family and friends may not be accessible, we always have our heavenly family available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Father, we give you thanks for the blessing of our earthly family and friends. We hold them up to you in prayer, asking that you surround them with your grace. We give thanks for the heavenly family found in the Trinity and all the saints who have proceeded us. In Jesus’, name we pray. Amen


Pastor Tim

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