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Humility & Gentleness

"I therefore, a prisoner for the Lord, urge you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace." Ephesians 4:1‭-‬3 ESV

Paul, at this time, was under house arrest for continuing to share the gospel. In this letter to the church in Ephesus, he provides them instructions on how they are to function together as followers of Jesus Christ. While the list of how they, and by extension we, are to behave makes sense; it is counter to our sinful nature. The world values ego over humility, abrasiveness over gentleness, and instant gratification over patience. Is it any wonder why we are faced with so many problems if these are the things the world values? Paul goes on to give a remedy. We are to bear with one another. That means working together to confront our problems. Don't try to put an invisibility cloak on the elephant in the room! We are to use the Holy Spirit, our inner spiritual compass, to create a bond of peace.

For any that attended the prayer service hosted at Pearl Street last evening, we witnessed what it means to come together in humility and gentleness. While we were small in numbers, we were mighty in Spirit. Though different in race and faith backgrounds, we gathered as equal children of God's creation to acknowledge injustice and to begin the conversations to move us forward to the day when justice will reign for all. Concurrently, throughout the City of Brockton, other services were being held. I have faith that they were also moved mightily by God's presence. Gatherings like this are a little glimpse of heaven; all nations, all denominations praising our righteous and just God.

God, we give thanks for your Word and your instructions on how to live as followers of Jesus Christ. We acknowledge the struggle against our sinful nature and the values of the world. We ask for your help in living and working together with humility and gentleness with patience to bring about peace and justice on earth. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.


Pastor Tim

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